You’ll love this levitating plate and other levitating products

You’ll love this levitating plate and other levitating products

Who doesn’t like levitating objects? When it comes to food, presentation is just as important as taste and this is where the levitating plate comes into play. With a never before seen design, you are sure to amaze your friends with this unique product. Thanks to Petagadget for helping us discover this incredible idea. You can view the full product specifications at .You might ask yourself: how does it work?

The answer is simple: magnets. The chargeable base creates a magnetic field that keeps the plate levitating and this is where the magic come from. You can keep it plugged to the wall socket or use the included battery to make it portable.

In all cases, this is one of the best example of amazing product design, which aims to redefine our conception of traditional products. I highly recommend this as a gift idea not just for Christmas, but for any occasion. Mind you that at only $50 this is not expensive at all, so be sure to bookmark it for later use.

Not yest tired? Here is another cool levitating product :

This time it’s a watch. The design is extremely minimalistic: it consists of a solid base with no numbers on it, and a metal ball which floats above the surface. Another clear win for minimalistic design.

Want more? Here is another levitating product, this time a speaker: . Levitating speakers are not a very new concept, in fact they’be been around for quite a while – the most notable example being the video from Unbox Therapy, which got over 5 million views: . Although it looks cool, this kind of speaker actually doesn’t produce very loud sound. This is because most of the energy has to go into geeping the entire thing floating and music output is itself an energy-hungry process.

Either way, thanks for reading my small collection of levitating gadgets. Even though the’re not perfect and we’re (still) far away from *real* levitation (hint: sci-fi movies), they still embody one of my favorite childhood dreams. Flying cars: here I come!



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